Cheaper Than Cheap Tip Of The Week #5 : Save Money On Gas The Creative Way

by The Happy Rock on May 15, 2008

“Cheaper Than Cheap” is a recurring tip series about frugality. The idea is to provide potentially helpful frugality tips that border on fanaticaor fictitious to the point of being humorous. Love them or hate them, let’s hear what you think. Tip #4 was on Earn Free Money By Reusing Bags At Grocery Stores.

herbie-beetle-half-car.jpgThis tip is all about getting creative. Consider the picture. This car’s single owner a got serious about cutting down her car’s weight. You could also consider removing extra weight from the trunk, removing extra seats, and even the extra cds and chapsticks you don’t use. Less weight equals higher gas mileage.

Filling your tires with nitrogen is creative, but the jury is out whether it makes fiscal sense. I head to Costco, and they put nitrogen in your tires for rotation and new purchases.

The final tip is to be creative with how you time and plan your travel. Traveling at non peak traffic hours saves gas, but that isn’t very creative. I am talking more about planning ahead and stopping at the grocery store and the bank at the same time rather than making two trips. You could even consider timing you trips with neighbors, so that you can pick a few small things up for each other and avoid the quick trips for one or two things.

I’ll give one final example of how I was creative. The Happy Rockette usually travels home(1.5 hours away) every other Thursday and this particular Thursday we had planned a surprise birthday party. I was going to leave for work early and drive up separately and surprise her. Instead, I left for work as usual and stowed myself in the trunk of the Murano. Presto $20 in gas saved, cramped legs, but boy was my wife surprised!