This page contains any and all information regarding user comments on the site. Below are the topics that are covered:

Purpose and Attitude

I love comments on this blog. It is a way for me, the commenter, and other readers to grow, learn, and build relationships. This site is dedicating to personal and financial growth. Please make sure your comments adhere to the spirit of the policy.


Be respectful and encouraging to everyone. Feel free to disagree, especially with me, but do it in a way that encourages growth for both parties. Profanity will not be tolerated.

Comment Moderation

The first comment by all commenters will be moderated. I will try to approve comments at least once a day. If you don’t see your comment appear, it is got rejected or sucked up by the spam filter.

Email Address and Comment Use

Please use a valid e-mail address when commenting on the blog. It will not be displayed unless you type it in the body of your comment. It will not be used for any reason other than facilitating communication between the commenter and The Happy Rock. No mailing lists, no spam.

By commenting you are granting The Happy Rock the right to use your comment material for the benefit of the site such as highlighting a great comment, writing a post in response to a comment, republishing, or even selling.  I will ask permission if the comment will be reused in a why that might be uncomfortable for the commenter with the exception of selling the site.

Subscription To Comments

This is a great way to stay plugged in without having to revisit the site every few minutes. To receive notification of comments left after yours select the “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail” check box. You will not be subscribed to a mailing list as a result of subscribing to the comments and you can have your e-mail address removed at any time by visiting the comment subscription manager. Follow up comments will be sent to your email address.

Names, Links, and Signatures

Please use a name that represents you in some way. Names that are just search keywords will be deleted.

Feel free contribute relevant links of value. Links can be to your own site or someone else’s site as long as the are relevant to the discussion. Comments with irrelevant links run the risk of being deleted.

Please use this guide to posting links. Insert this text right into the comment text box, and it will become a link when the comment is posted.

  • Use proper XHTML markup: <a href=”web address” title=”…”>Link Anchor Text</a>
  • Use descriptive anchor text
    • Bad: <a href=”…”>here</a>
    • Good: <a href=”…” title=”Google Homepage”>Google Homepage</a>

Editing Policy

I have not edited a comment, but I do reserve the right to remove or edit disrespectful, inflammatory, misleading, or profane comments. I also have a wordpress plugin installed which will give you two minutes to edit a comment after you submitted it.

Have fun, learn, grow, and be encouraging!