5 Simple Things – Getting My Groove Back

by The Happy Rock on December 2, 2009

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been out of sorts for a while.  Probably since July when I shut down Top Blog Posts after being burned out. I haven’t been burned out for months, but I just never really got my groove back.      I still don’t have an answer as to why.  Maybe I just needed an extra long break after having 2 children and completing an MBA in the last 3+ years, who knows?  It doesn’t matter, I am ready to move on. This is where my idea for 5 Simple Things comes into play.  The plan is […]

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29 Reasons Why Being A Part Time Entreprenuer Sucks

by The Happy Rock on July 10, 2009

I know this may not be the inspirational pie in the sky post you want to hear, but it is reality.  If you are already a part time entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur, or blogger you can probably empathize with this list.  Better yet it might help you gain some insight into your own circumstances. For those that are considering embarking on such a journey, this is fair warning.  This article isn’t an attempt to discourage you at all, but rather an attempt to prepare you for what lies ahead.   It may discourage you, and if it does then you probably aren’t […]

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Quitting Cable – The Deed Is Done

by The Happy Rock on December 11, 2007

After some months of deliberation, I finally canceled cable. For those that don’t know the background, I put out a request for some support while I was considering dropping the tube in July. Then I posted some reasons why I should cancel cable backed by studies, and then finally provided a small blogosphere roundup on the issue. The support was tremendous, and in August I got the nerve to cancel cable and buy an AppleTV. I still wanted to catch a handful of my favorite shows. To my dismay, my TV does not have component video jacks to support AppleTV! […]

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Hi, my name is Frank and I have a problem! I am addicted to Sitemeter and any other web site tracking package. My new love is pMetrics. The statistics are tailored for blogs and it lets you easily track your visitor’s movement within your site. It combines my favorite reports from other sites into one visitor overview page. Plus it is much faster than loading than everything else I have tried. I haven’t needed to visit SiteMeter or anything else since I signed up. I know The Happy Rock is a small site, but that just means that there is […]

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Do Cable and TV Cost More Than We Think?

by The Happy Rock on July 17, 2007

Here are the highlights of some research to add some discussion to the cable canceling experiment. I found a great website called Trash Your TV. It is your one stop shopping experience for anyone thinking of canceling cable or getting rid of their TV. TV viewing stats, success stories, effects of TV articles, and much more. Let’s start with some eye opening stats about the about some real costs of watching TV: Nielsen Media Research Inc. reports that the ‘average person’ watches TV for 4 hours and 35 minutes every day. Furthermore, the average household has a TV playing for […]

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I Need Help Canceling Cable – Save Time And Money

by The Happy Rock on July 16, 2007

My wife and I are struggling to cancel the cable once again. We talk about it every time our Comcast bill goes back to normal price. We have internet + digital cable + DVR for about $122 a month. I usually call and tell them I am going to cancel, and they start offering some deals. I never take the first deal or two, and usually end up negotiating to a price to around $85/month for about a year. I have actually been paying full price for way too long now. Why?, because I really want to cancel cable. I […]

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Take A Break And Give Yourself Credit

by The Happy Rock on June 25, 2007

As The Rockette, The Pebble, and myself traveled down to the New Jersey shore for a weekend of camping at the Frontier Campground, I was thinking about a few articles I had planned. I didn’t bring the laptop, but I was all set to outline a few articles. I made an off-hand comment to my wife about how I haven’t been able to get to anything done on my ‘in between MBA classes to-do list”. At Drexel University I get about a 1.5 – 2 weeks off in between quarters. Since two classes takes about 9-15 hours a week for […]

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In the previous post on how friends can shape our perception of reality, I ended with an example about my goal to become an entrepreneur. I came to the conclusion that there is not anyone in my life that can really understand and support that quest; they are all 9-5’ers. Some may even provide resistance. The truth of the matter is that we need some friends in our lives that will be able to challenge us, teach us, and relate to our unique struggles. I think most of us know this instinctively, but the real work comes when we have […]

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Having Goals Is Great, But Having Purpose Is Better

by The Happy Rock on June 10, 2007

Consider two similar working mothers: one who wants to get out of debt because a few of her friends starting getting our of debt. The other woman decides to get out of debt, so that she can provide a more secure environment for her children by quitting her job to pursue a life goal of staying at home full time. If you had to bet on which one will succeed at becoming debt free, which one would it be? Maybe the example is too simplistic, but I hope the point is clear. Having goals is very helpful, but having purpose […]

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Overwhelmed? Here are a few steps to walk your way out

by The Happy Rock on May 22, 2007

My todo list has been overflowing lately. How did I know?….I was subconsciously avoiding adding any tasks to it. I was barely finding time to get the basics done, let alone attack anything on my list. Like a deer in headlights, I wasn’t even getting things done when I had time. My so called productivity system left me wasting valuable time searching Steve Pavlina’s sleep experiments for more time. For days and maybe weeks I was making feeble attempts to drag myself out of the hole I was digging. Nothing was working. I wrote these steps while having too much […]

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