Total Money Makeover – The Snowball Starts

by Debt Destroyer on August 8, 2008

In part of the interview process I went through to get this cushy gig, I remember being asked what I thought of Dave Ramsey. I had to admit that I heard of him, but that I didn’t really know much about him. I remembered him being featured on “60 Minutes” some years ago, but that was it. Luckily for me, that embarrassing answer didn’t instantly disqualify me. And after this past weekend, I can no longer claim ignorance on the Dave Ramsey front. Thanks to THE HAPPY ROCK sending me a copy of Total Money Makeover, I now can say […]

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Tipping The Personal Finance Scales In Your Favor

by The Happy Rock on June 12, 2008

I wrote earlier about the moment/idea that marked that turned around our financial journey. Today, I wanted to talk about the moment when the momentum for positive change became unstoppable. This is the moment when I felt like our plan finally came together. Where all the hard work finally culminated in an unburdened, energized, free to pursue my dreams fist pumping YESSSSS! type feeling.  What was the moment?  It was about 4 and half years from when we decided to get out of debt when we finally had 6 months expenses locked away in an ING direct account.  We had […]

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Go Big or Go Home – Why Success Requires Bold Decisions

by The Happy Rock on February 29, 2008

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein The truth in that little statement is profound. If we truly want to succeed in our financial life and with our life goals in general, we must be willing to fully commit to our dreams. Often we don’t do much more than give lip service to the big things in life. Now, if you are happy have average or slightly better than average results, than go right on doing same things as everyone else. If you keep using those credit cards, leasing cars, buying […]

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Top 5 Reasons The New Year’s Resolutions Fail

by The Happy Rock on January 7, 2008

Like clockwork New Year’s comes and everyone fantasizes about some habit they want to kick or a good behavior they want to start. I was on the resolution train for years, only to realize I was lucky to make it to February. I am here to offer some reasons why New Year’s resolutions aren’t lasting recipe for change. Resolutions are so common place that everyone feels like they need to do them. They get created out of habit rather than conviction, motivation, or passion. Even if the desire is there, the planning and preparation are often half hearted or non […]

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Do We Earn The Right Not To Budget?

by The Happy Rock on November 7, 2007

I have admitted it before, The Rockette have never lived on a formal budget. The closest we come to real budgeting is what I label retroactive budgeting. This is when you come up with reasonable spending amount for the different categories like groceries, clothing, entertainment, etc. Then at the end the month you compare the actual totals to your suggested limits. When we were in the midst of shedding our 70k in debt, we did this almost every month. As the debt shrunk, so did frequency of our retroactive budgeting. I have been trying to decide whether this is a […]

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Change Your Child’s Genetics By Giving Up The BMW

by The Happy Rock on October 18, 2007

We recently talked about financially changing your family tree as financial motivation, but for those of us needed some more convincing here is evidence that our decisions about money go much deeper than just dollars and cents. Our choices are crucially importance to our children and this offers early stage evidence that our choices can cover over ‘bad’ genetics. The researchers “studied 109 children who had been removed from their parents’ care due to reports of abuse or neglect and 87 control children with no reports of abuse or maltreatment.” The children also had two gene polymorphisms that put them […]

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Change Your Family Tree By Making Solid Financial Decisions

by The Happy Rock on October 15, 2007

If you have ever listened to Dave Ramsey, there is a good chance you have heard him say “go and change your family tree”. It is a beautiful saying that paints a wonderful backdrop for our motivation to make healthy and wise financial choices. The idea being that the money choices we are responsible for now can and will affect your children and family. These are huge shoes to fills, and they get even bigger when broaden the perspective to grandchildren and great grandchildren. Let’s not operate out of fear though. Be encouraged by that fact that if you stop […]

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5 Key Strategies For Getting Out Of Debt

by The Happy Rock on August 12, 2007

Being debt free has been more amazing than I thought, and I want others to be able to share in a similar joy. For those who are trying to get out of debt or entertaining the thought, here is some ammunition. As my wife and I and slowly hacked our way out of $70,000 in debt, there were a few key strategies that were extremely helpful: 1. Find Your Passion – Finding your passion is my number tip for anything that requires a large amount of energy and commitment. I started thinking about being debt free, because I realized that […]

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Do Cable and TV Cost More Than We Think?

by The Happy Rock on July 17, 2007

Here are the highlights of some research to add some discussion to the cable canceling experiment. I found a great website called Trash Your TV. It is your one stop shopping experience for anyone thinking of canceling cable or getting rid of their TV. TV viewing stats, success stories, effects of TV articles, and much more. Let’s start with some eye opening stats about the about some real costs of watching TV: Nielsen Media Research Inc. reports that the ‘average person’ watches TV for 4 hours and 35 minutes every day. Furthermore, the average household has a TV playing for […]

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Take A Break And Give Yourself Credit

by The Happy Rock on June 25, 2007

As The Rockette, The Pebble, and myself traveled down to the New Jersey shore for a weekend of camping at the Frontier Campground, I was thinking about a few articles I had planned. I didn’t bring the laptop, but I was all set to outline a few articles. I made an off-hand comment to my wife about how I haven’t been able to get to anything done on my ‘in between MBA classes to-do list”. At Drexel University I get about a 1.5 – 2 weeks off in between quarters. Since two classes takes about 9-15 hours a week for […]

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