Getting Old Can Be Expensive – The Big Birthday Bash

by Debt Destroyer on July 6, 2009

Have you noticed how expensive it is to get old? No, I’m talking about supplemental Medicare insurance either. I’m talking about birthdays! I turned 34 not to long ago.  And to mark such a momentous occasion my wife decided that we should throw a party.  And what started out as a small backyard BBQ, turned into a shindig where we invited everyone we knew. OK, maybe it wasn’t quiet that bad, but it felt like it. I think it got out of hand because we don’t host many get-togethers.  We threw one other “big” party before.  It was on my 29th […]

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When I first heard the reports of Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital, I thought, “Here’s another crazy publicity stunt.”  Like the boy who cried wolf, Michael Jackson always had a way of getting our attention, usually in sensational ways. Of course, this time it was different. When news of his death became official, I felt genuine remorse.  I guess that is because part of my childhood died. As a kid I was a huge fan.  Thriller was my first “real” record that I bought myself. I didn’t stay a mega fan for long, in fact Weird Al soon […]

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Picking stocks is so easy, a baby can do it. Some of you long time readers might remember that back in February, I decided to take my student loan and try to time the market by investing in a hand-full of well known companies whose stocks were very low. Here’s what I got(2-25-09): FORD – 100 shares @ $2.04 CITIBANK – 100 shares @ $2.66 JP MORGAN –  20 shares @ $21.13 GE – 15 shares @ $7.07 These were not rock bottom prices.  In fact the market took a HUGE tumble right after I got in (Citibank went down […]

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Should I Cash My Savings Bonds?

by The Happy Rock on May 11, 2009

Short answer = Yes. Let’s start with the basics first though. A US savings bond is note representing a US government debt. The government agrees to pay back the money you give them in exchange for interest paid to the bondholder when you redeem the bond. Currently in 2009 the savings bond rates are 0.70% and 0.00% for EE and I bonds respectively, so that makes them terrible investments right now. Know that you know what you are dealing with, take them to the bank and get the bond value plus their accrued interest. There are a few things to […]

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April Happy Rock Roundup

by The Happy Rock on May 9, 2009

Here are a few of the best article’s from a year ago on The Happy Rock that are still very relevant: The Myth Of The Bi-Monthly Mortgage Debt Is The Symptom – Fix The Problem Breakdown – Is Triple A(AAA) Worth The Money? The $400 Phil and Ted’s Stroller – Dissecting The Purchase (65 great user experience comments and counting) A big thanks to the April Blog referrers: Smart Spening (Karen Datko) @ MSN Wisebread Pants In A Can ABCs of Investing Mighty Bargain Hunter Moolanomy FIRE Finance Ask Mr. Credit Card Frugal Babe Frugal Homemaker Plus

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Carnival Of Top Personal Finance Posts Test Run #2

by The Happy Rock on April 27, 2009

After last week’s poor performance of the voting widget, TopBlogPosts.net is running a second test carnival before Beta release begins. Bible Money Matters was the unofficial winner of the first test carnival with the post: Days Like This Make You Realize What Is Important: It Isn’t Your Possessions For those that didn’t catch the TopBlogPosts.net is a unique spin on the blog carnival that is designed to: Be a reader controlled filtering service for the fire-hose that can be a normal blog carnival. Instead of great links being lost within the hundreds of posts, only the best are highlighted. Make […]

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Test Carnival Of Top Personal Finance Posts

by The Happy Rock on April 20, 2009

Today marks the official Alpha release of a new site I created called TopBlogPost.net.  TopBlogPosts.net is a unique spin on the blog carnival that is designed to: Be a reader controlled filtering service for the fire-hose that can be a normal blog carnival.  Instead of great links being lost within the hundreds of posts, only the best are highlighted. Make it easier for readers to connect with the best content. Draw more attention to the authors that are writing the best content. Make carnival content easily and instantly sharable across all blogs. Provide more traffic for the best articles. Monetarily […]

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If you are a fan of multi-player first person shooter video games, then you are in luck.  ID software has decided to try and change the gaming world by offering a slighty updated version of Quake III Arena that runs directly in your web browser.    The best part is that it is completely free.  ID plans to support the game by in game billboard ads that should mesh nicely with the Quake boards.   They may even offer a premium option that will let players control their own games and servers.  That means this isn’t some teaser tactic to lure people […]

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How Can I Lower My Health Insurance Costs?

by The Happy Rock on March 29, 2009

The following is a guest post written by Barbara Waltz one of the founders of 247QuoteUs.com, an online resource blog and insurance quote comparison guide. Rising health insurance costs make it important for individuals and families to reduce the amount spent on coverage. Some people feel that the situation is out of their control. However, here are several tips to lower health insurance premiums. Tip No. 1 — Choose a Health Insurance Policy Customized for Your Needs Many health insurance policies give you options that you simply do not need. While it might make you feel more secure to have […]

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Living In Fear – It Is Not Productive

by The Happy Rock on February 12, 2009

If you listen to the news or our politicians, we should live in a constant state of fear. Our government just spent $800 billion in fear, because the politicians didn’t know what to do and were afraid of were the US was headed.  If you don’t think it effects your life and your decisions, you are probably mistaken. FEAR IS NOT A PRODUCTIVE WAY TO LIVE! A few weeks back I wrote a guest post for Jeff at My Super Charged Life that explored seven different ways that fear can negatively impact your life and your decisions.  Here is the […]

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