Marriage and Money – Giving Your Partner A Choice

by The Happy Rock on April 13, 2009

The Rockette and I were traveling to our in-law’s house and we were having an informal marriage budget meeting.  It was the perfect time to bring up a few new areas that we could grow our giving.    I failed. I failed at including my wife in a way that gave her any input.   I failed, because I assumed I had the right answers all worked out.  I failed, because I acted as if I just needed her approval on my right answer.  I failed because I didn’t value her input or perspective.  I failed at a chance to draw us […]

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What Is Your Purchase Personality?

by The Happy Rock on September 4, 2008

As I struggle to resist the temptation to snag a snack from the vending machine during my ingredient month, I began thinking about how different personalities chose what to eat at vending machine or even at a restaurant. This led me to identify five distinct purchasing personalities.  The purchase decision at a vending machine or a restaurant serves as concrete situation to help us think about our own purchase personality.  We all can probably be any one of these at different times and in different situations, but the question is what personality are you most of the time. The Lavisher […]

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Sleep Your Way To Better Finances

by The Happy Rock on April 25, 2008

With the car breaking down on Sunday and still having a ton of work to do for the 149th Carnival of PF, I ended up only getting 8 hours of sleep on Sunday night. I can survive, and ten years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. The thing I noticed for the next 48-72 hours was how much that lack of sleep effected my whole life. I was much more pessimistic, less energetic, less patient, less productive, and grumpy. Since I have been getting fairly consistent sleep for about two years, I didn’t realize how good I felt. […]

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This is the second post in the principles in action series that will illuminate a practical application of a positive life principal. The first in the series addressed treating others like they have value. The advertisement @ the Clever Dude was about the 100th time I had been bombarded with the free $250 for opening an American Express Business Rewards Gold Card offer, and I was finally ready to give in and get the money. I usually stay away from signing up for credit card schemes or opening a new savings account at every bank with a good intro offer. […]

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Marriage and Money – The Budget Meeting

by The Happy Rock on September 6, 2007

What often happens in marriages with combined finances is that one person will assume control the finances. They pay the bills, watch the accounts, and retain all of the money know how. In our family that is me. Being the analytical numbers guy, I willingly take on that task. On of the pitfalls of combing finances is that one person often ends up with all the power. Power doesn’t have to just mean setting rules, but it can also mean bearing the financial stress and controlling information. The other spouse often becomes oblivious to the actual amounts and inner workings […]

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Sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t your ‘how to save money on your photographer type post, or ‘how to cut wedding costs’. Just as understanding what our cars say about us can save us a bunch of money on car purchases, remembering this key tip can shave thousands off your wedding bill The commitment of two adults choosing to share their lives together forever, is the BIG DEAL The trend seems to be for weddings to become more and more lavish, even to the point couples are willing to take on $10,000+ in debt to live up to some external […]

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How to move a rock! Part 2

by The Happy Rock on April 25, 2007

The second book that changed my life is : Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts: Seven Questions to Ask Before (and After) You Marry My wife and I read through this book and workbooks on our own while in college. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Again it is quite a simple read, and has a decidedly Christian slant in the last chapter. My wife and I both wanted to connect and create a solid foundation going into our marriage, and this is a way that we could agree on. This book facilitated some very interesting conversations, and caused us to […]

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