Community In Action – Debt Free With Attitude

by The Happy Rock on July 19, 2008

Here are the posts from around the personal finance community that struck a cord with me. First, celebrate with debtfretter as they destroyed $27,000 in just 370 days. JD @ GetRichSlowly shares about some of the patterns that kept him in debt. Tony @HelpMyCashGrow talks about how personal finance is all about attitude. I think it is mostly about behavior, but our attitude and passions do effect our behavior. DebtFreePlayBook reminds us that life goes much deeper than money. When you are eliminating debt, money usually becomes your sole focus, but the reason you are getting out of debt should […]

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Community In Action – Pursue Your Dreams Edition

by The Happy Rock on May 1, 2008

First was an article on Life Hack called Personal Development, Canine-Style. It is a long read, but well worth the time. It is written from the perspective of a man’s dog while the owner’s life and finances grow over the years. It shares some of the potential dangers that come with chasing our dreams and getting on top of our finances. Great life perspective with an funny amusing edge. Second, I wanted to highlight one of the best Personal Finance blogs on the net, The Simple Dollar. This story is quite inspirational. Just about two years ago he hit financial […]

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Community In Action: Book Winner and Link Catchup

by The Happy Rock on November 3, 2007

First order of business is to congratulate TheCpa, a regular Happy Rock reader, who won the contest for my copy of The Quiet Millionaire. Next is to catch up on some of my favorite links from the last few weeks : Pinyo @ Moolanomy offers a wonderful story about balancing our work/money and our lives. Seth Godin, my favorite marketing writer, presents a marketing perspective on choosing a college that is very relevant to our personal finance. I went to an 8k a year state school, and got a great education in Computer Science. Trent @ The Simple Dollar offers […]

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Learning From Others – Romance, Giving, and Leadership

by The Happy Rock on September 22, 2007

Here are couple links that I thought were worth some attention over the last week or two : Giving changes us! Millionaire Mommy Next Door writes a nice article about the addictive nature of giving. How we dress often portrays how we feel about ourself, and can shape others opinion of us. Clever Dude walks us through some clothing choices that make us look unprofessional. Two nice tips for adding some romance. 5 outdoor dates(with some local New Jersey flair) and some free ways to increase romance. jeanjeanie discusses the cost of overcoming her fears. I like the open discussion, […]

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Learning From Others : Finance Community Round Up

by The Happy Rock on August 11, 2007

There was some great stuff out there this week. Here are my favorites : Saving Advice offers a beautifully pictographed list of 25 personal money confessions. Blueprint For Financial Prosperity gives as a quick description of 10 top personal finance books. The description on Your Money Your Life makes me want to read it even more. One Frugal Girl starts a discussion on whether or not debt is an integrity problem. Bankruptcy usually is in my opinion, and I can see consumer debt bordering on an integrity issue. Even if we don’t come to conclusions, I think the discussion is […]

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Community In Action – Contest Edition

by The Happy Rock on August 4, 2007

I don’t normally do a lot of link posts, but I think that is going to change. First, I totally appreciate whenever someone publicly appreciates my work. Second, it builds community which is a key part of growth. Third, I think it will provide value to The Happy Rock community. Hopefully the links will be helpful and informative. If you don’t feel like these type of posts are providing value, please let me know. If you appreciate them, again let me know. There were a few contests that I came across in the last few weeks that I thought I […]

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What bloggers are saying about canceling cable and TV.

by The Happy Rock on July 18, 2007

Yesterday I posted some eye opening statistics about TV viewing. Today I wanted to wrap up the canceling cable experiment by searching the blogosphere for some bloggers that had already tried giving up cable or had relevant posts. Here is what I found : Gary Lee just recently canceled cable and is still adjusting. Boomie @ The Wastrel Show downgraded to basic cable just a week ago. Lazy Man tried to hack a cable free solution. Clever Dude talks about not upgraging his viewing experience. FMF @ Free Money Finance admits he doesn’t have cable. And finally Trent @ The […]

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