ING Electric Orange

[Update 5-2-2012]  Almost a year and half after the initial signs of life, ING Direct finally released their long awaited remote check deposit by scan or by smartphone picture.  It is called CheckMate and works perfectly. I tested it over the  weekend by following the three step Checkmate wizard(on my Android phone) that walks you through what pictures to take and the check was deposited within minutes.   You can view ING’s “How CheckMate Works” video for exact details or read PT Money’s article on his experience. ING Direct is finally starting to show signs that depositing checks by scan and/or […]

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ING Direct Drops Electric Orange Rate to 0.5%

by The Happy Rock on December 18, 2008

Just as I was praising ING for my great financial system, they go and drop the interest rate on the checking account on December 17 2008. Here is the official information : $0-49,999.99 earns a 0.50% APY $50,000.00-$99,999.99 earns a 2.85% APY $100,000.00 or more earns a 3.05% APY Rates are variable and effective 12/17/08 The savings rate has remain at 2.75% for now. The sad part is that when I joined the rate was well over 2%.  I don’t think it was a teaser rate, but my guess is that all the features of the account are costing more […]

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My Finances and Saving System With ING Direct

by The Happy Rock on December 11, 2008

I have said it before, but I love ING Direct and I have the accounts to prove it.  I have an Electric Orange Checking Account, ING Direct Savings, and an Orange Mortgage all through ING.   Here are 5 reasons I like their products: Their web interface is a joy to use and they are constantly improving it Customer service has been great All the accounts play nicely and instantly together Very good interest on savings and checking balances Simple and straightforward.  ING doesn’t like to play games with fees or complexity. My System Both paychecks are direct deposited into our […]

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ING Rates Lowered to 3.1% on March 11th 2008

by The Happy Rock on March 11, 2008

ING cuts their rates again. Electric Orange Savings rate dropped to 3.10% APY down from 3.40%.  Official ING Savings Account Page Electric Orange Rates dropped to 2.00% APY and 1.98% Interest Rate down from 2.25% APY.  Official Electric Orange Page

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ING Electric Orange Check Experiment

by The Happy Rock on March 7, 2008

  [Update 8-11-2011] – ING Now offers paper check books for Electric Orange accounts. The checkbooks can be ordered from the ‘Account Maintenance’ page of your Electric Orange account.    View the details of the ING checkbook at the Checkbook Help Page. I have been using the ING Electric Orange checking account for almost a year now and I have been very pleased. One downfall to being able to earn 2.25% on your checking account balance is that they don’t offer a regular paper check book, but you can fill out an electronic check form and they will mail out […]

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We found out last night. That’s right, when I opened Quicken last night to reconcile the days transaction I noticed a $1.59 charge from a local Wawa. I consulted with the Rockette and we noticed that her whole purse was missing. Mild panic sets in, and we begin to retrace our days. The purse was most likely stolen from our car while parked outside our condo. I logged onto the ING Direct website only to notice 4 other posted transaction and about 10 pending transaction that weren’t ours. The charges were the aforementioned Wawa charged for $1.59, $90 from a […]

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Hooray for ING Direct. I made $1000 dollars of income in 2007 with no effort! I just got my tax sheet for my ING accounts and saw that I made $99.77 from interest from my checking account and over $900 from our dozen or so ING savings accounts. I would have made $200 from the Electric Orange account, since my first direct deposit was the first week of June. Not bad at all. Now, because of the Fed’s willingness to tinker with rates at the drop of a hat, the interest rate on the checking is currently 2.25% and 3.4% […]

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ING Direct Lowered Their Interest Rates on 9/19

by The Happy Rock on September 25, 2007

In case you missed the emails and the news like I did, ING Direct lowered there interest rates effective 9/19. ING Savings accounts went from 4.5% to 4.3%. Electric Orange Checking rates took and even bigger hit from 4.0% to 3.5% $0-49,999.99 earns a 3.50% APY $50,000.00-$99,999.99 earns a 4.90% APY $100,000.00 or more earns a 5.00% APY Finally, Business Savings rate went from 5% to 4.75%. For the $12,000 we have in emergency fund and our average checking account balance, the loss will be about $50 a year. Not a huge loss in the scheme of things. I don’t […]

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Save $271.23 by Moving to ING Electric Orange

by The Happy Rock on May 30, 2007

I ran some numbers and here are the savings that we will receive in the next year by migrating our checking accounts to ING Electric Orange checking. It is not a ton of money, but it comes from a change that will also simplify our personal finance system. Two for one deal.

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ING Electric Orange here we come

by The Happy Rock on May 29, 2007

With the previously posted guidelines in mind, we set out to come up with positive changes to our financial system that would increase our freedom and support the things we truly want to focus on. Here is the link to the previous system. And without further adieu, here is the map of the updated system : Note: On some screens the map appears off center, you can click and drag it to center it. Sorry. As you can see the main change the move from our Wachovia free checking to the paperless ING Electric Orange Checking as our primary checking […]

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