Josh Clark invented a running program called Couch to 5k. While, I realize that this program has existed since 1996, it maybe new to you as it is to me. His training system aims to take the couch potato and slowly(and painlessly) get him/her prepared to run a 5k race.  The first couple weeks are a mixture of running and walking. The training is 9 weeks for about 20 minutes a session every other day. While, preparing this post I realized how popular this program is. There are facebook groups, fan sites, pod casts, even a iphone and Android app […]

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Tap Water – A cool refreshing frugal drink

by Debt Destroyer on August 27, 2009

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. That’s how my wife and I felt when we first moved back to my hometown. Our rental house was right across the street from a creek which runs through town. A stinky, smelly, slimy creek. I don’t know if it was in our heads or if it was actually the case, but we could’ve swore the tap water tasted funny.  We also thought it was stinky, smelly, and slimy. Which was too bad because we had recently became big time water drinkers.  The tap water in Minneapolis was pretty good, but […]

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For some reason I love it when the mail is delivered. I can’t really explain it.  Maybe I’m hoping for a message from a secret admirer, the Victoria Secret catalog, or a random check.  Who knows? So imagine my disappointment when on the same day I got not one, but TWO notices that my monthly expenses would be going up.  I felt like Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men” after Demi Moore told him she was coming with him to Cuba. The first one told us that our mortgage needed to be adjusted due to the escrow account being too […]

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The Ingredient Experiment – Save Money And Eat Better

by The Happy Rock on September 1, 2008

On the heels of Debt Defier’s commitment to attempt a cash only month I have a food related experiment that I am doing for September.   Hopefully, the Debt Defier has better luck with cash only spending than I did. I will be attempting to buy only ingredients for the whole month of September.   I know that might sound a little vague, but here is the idea…buy only items that are naturally occurring and can be used to make meals.   The goal is to cut out things like crackers, chips, expensive veggie burgers, and ice cream to increase my intake of […]

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Sleep Your Way To Better Finances

by The Happy Rock on April 25, 2008

With the car breaking down on Sunday and still having a ton of work to do for the 149th Carnival of PF, I ended up only getting 8 hours of sleep on Sunday night. I can survive, and ten years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. The thing I noticed for the next 48-72 hours was how much that lack of sleep effected my whole life. I was much more pessimistic, less energetic, less patient, less productive, and grumpy. Since I have been getting fairly consistent sleep for about two years, I didn’t realize how good I felt. […]

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That’s right, the whole Happy Rock Garden is going vegetarian for the rest of January. I mentioned that I am not fond of resolutions, so here is an example of one way to spark change without resolutions. Experiment! I will track being vegetarian for the month and the associated costs. Updates when appropriate. I got the idea from Steve Pavlina’s 30 day raw food experiment. Even though his experiment is quite off the beaten path, I am finding his raw food chronicles extremely interesting. Like most things in life there is a path that has gotten me to the point […]

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Vending Machines Can Cost Us 580% More

by The Happy Rock on July 2, 2007

I go to the vending machine maybe once a month. Each time it gets more and more painful knowing that the item is has such a huge markup(I still buy). I realize that am paying for my lack of planning and laziness. Let’s take a look at how much we are paying for convenience. I compared the price of a couple items out that could be purchased at Costco or Sam’s club to the $0.80 cents that you would pay in a vending machine. $0.138 cents for Austin’s Crackers – 580% more in a vending machine $0.226 cents for Microwave […]

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Eat Less Calories With These Simple Low Cost Tips

by The Happy Rock on June 8, 2007

Since The Happy Rockette is a Registered Dietitian, I have special access to top notch food and nutrition information. Today I will start sharing that fountain of knowledge by introducing the first of hopefully many food and nutrition posts. I hope to even have a guest post or two. To start we will attack how to cut some calories out of our diets through a few small changes to our eating habits. Rather than attempting fad diets or buying expensive ‘diet’ foods, develop habits that encourage healthy eating for the rest of your life. These were inspired by conversations that […]

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