Chasing Dreams

I have been listening and reading through A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life(affilaite link), and in it Donald Miller provides a very simple framework for thinking about your life: your life is a story. The basic premise is that the same rules apply to your life as they do to stories.  The stuff that makes a good story makes a good life.  If your life feels boring then the story that you are telling is probably boring. Nobody sets out to tell a boring story, they often just happen because we aren’t […]

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What’s Happened To The Happy Rock?

by The Happy Rock on April 7, 2010

Anyone who checks in regularly can tell that things have been shriveling around here for months.  I know it is not out of the ordinary for a blog to disappear into the internet graveyard with barely a whimper, but I still really like this blog and thought things needed a little bit of an explanation. The New Red Huffy Picture a 4 year tearing the wrapping paper from a brand new bike on Christmas morning.  He jumps for joy and hugs anyone in sight.  He rushes out  and spends some time learning how to ride.  He is grateful for the […]

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Is Capitalism Always The Answer?

by The Happy Rock on September 8, 2009

I know that probably sounds like blasphemy to a lot of folks out there, but I am starting to feel like it is the truth. As much as I like free markets, they don’t magically solve every problem.  We all probably have different definitions of what we think capitalism is, so let’s define it so we all start off on the same page.  I am not saying this is a perfect definition, but one that is probably is digestible by all of us. Capitalism – An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods that are distributed […]

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29 Reasons Why Being A Part Time Entreprenuer Sucks

by The Happy Rock on July 10, 2009

I know this may not be the inspirational pie in the sky post you want to hear, but it is reality.  If you are already a part time entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur, or blogger you can probably empathize with this list.  Better yet it might help you gain some insight into your own circumstances. For those that are considering embarking on such a journey, this is fair warning.  This article isn’t an attempt to discourage you at all, but rather an attempt to prepare you for what lies ahead.   It may discourage you, and if it does then you probably aren’t […]

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Something has to change.  I am at the point in life where you are honest enough to realize that what you have been doing just isn’t working.    You finally realize that just tweaking a few things and trying harder just isn’t going to do it.  I have tried hack after hack and rededication after rededicaton and if I keep trying it, I know I am going to get the same result.    SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE. I am talking about my side businesses and entrepreneur dreams: The Happy Rock, Top Blog Posts, and my so called strategic web consultant business.   […]

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2008 Gratitude Post – Thank You For A Good Year

by The Happy Rock on January 1, 2009

As 2008 was ushered I wanted to take a few moments to look back and remember another good year. The Happy Pebble Jr. joined The Rock Garden in January Stayed Debt Free and saved substantial money towards a 20% down payment on a bigger house MBA from Drexel University Completed Renovated and placed our condo on the market Continued at a stable good paying job Increased side income from blogging and other online ventures The Happy Rock readership has tripled in 2008 Blog traffic is up 400% to about 400 hits a day Pretty good year!  It is amazing what […]

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Community In Action – Christmas Week Edition

by The Happy Rock on December 29, 2008

What’s Your Why? The Importance Of Finding Meaning In Your Life – @ Get Rich Slowly via Her Every Penny Counts – I couldn’t agree more.   Passion and meaning are the things that carry us, motivate us, and bring true success.  Here is a related THR post on goals vs. passion from a while back. The Mythical Thin Wallet @ Blueprint for Financial Prosperity – I can be a messy walleter, but I carry it in the ‘man bag’.  I do like the thought of giving stuff a good home outside of your wallet and planning rather than trying to […]

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Our Rules For Buying A House

by The Happy Rock on November 6, 2008

The Rock Garden has been planning a move back to Pennsylvania for a long time now and the wheels are finally in motion.  The logistics of trying to sell our house, buy a new house, and deal with changing both our jobs is a bit scary at times, but it is something we both want(especially me). We have been talking about this move for years, so we have laid out some common sense principles that will help keep us on track when the house buying frenzy begins to cloud our thinking.  It is easy to get caught up in the […]

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Mark Cuban Blogs About How To Get Rich

by The Happy Rock on October 7, 2008

A co-worker shared this blog post by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, with me and I thought it was fascinating.  For those that don’t know Mark Cuban is a rags to riches stories who went from broke and jobless in 1982 to a wildly successful entrepreneur worth 2.8 billion dollars in about 25 years.   In this article he shares his tips to becoming rich.  Here is my ultra quick summary. Develop personal discipline Live frugally Avoid debt Have cash Find a niche in an area you love Use the cash to seize opportunities when it […]

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Finding Out What Matters – A Perfect Day Review

by The Happy Rock on August 25, 2008

I recently finished a fiction novel called A Perfect Day by Richard Paul Evans. I am not sure how it got on our bookshelf, but I needed something to read one night and the dust jacket pulled me in enough to start it. I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t a masterpiece, but it kept my interest and left me satisfied. I was even more surprised that it touched upon a couple of personal finance topics that I find near to my heart and I had no personal finance agenda when I started out. The story covers a business man that […]

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