Thank Goodness for the Complimentary Carwash

by Debt Destroyer on May 28, 2009

We’ve hit the road each of the last three weekends.  The weather was gorgeous and we had fun destinations to look forward too.  But one thing we didn’t have was air conditioning. Luckily it wasn’t too hot yet, so the suffering was kept to a minimum.  But I knew I wanted to get it fixed the next time I went in for an oil change.  I figured it would just need a freon recharge and that would be that. Ha! We ended up having a relatively large hole in the A/C condensor.  Price tag $650.  I of course didn’t think twice about […]

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The Simple Dollar’s New Financed Car

by Debt Destroyer on March 30, 2009

Not too long ago I wrote a post asking whether PF blog readers were looking for perfection or honesty? Just from the few comments I received it seems readers say they value honesty more than perfection. Which is good news for us bloggers because it’s a lot easier to be honest than perfect. We got to see this same question answered on a larger scale when Trent @ The Simple Dollar wrote about buying a new car, a 2009 Prius. And while quite a few comments admired Trent’s honesty it looks like a lot more were expecting perfection. Knowing that […]

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As Long As You Can Make The Payments – You’re Fine

by The Happy Rock on January 8, 2009

“I can pay all my bills each month, I am doing well.” In a world of leased BMWs, credit cards galore, no interest credit offers, and high standards of living, what does it really mean to ‘live within your means’? We all might have our own definition, but I wanted lay out what I think it means and see what others think. The prevailing definition seems to be living on less than you make.  Living within your means is much more than just being able to meet your bills each month.   What type of bills you have matters immensely.    If […]

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Gas Prices – The Silver Lining of the Recession

by Debt Destroyer on November 20, 2008

I saw something tonight that I didn’t think I ever would see again. Gas under $2/gallon. This summer when we were paying $4/gallon, it was just understood that high gas prices were here to stay.  With rising demands from China & India we needed to get used to paying these kind of prices.  People traded in their gas guzzlers for hybrids.  Others bought scooters. Then the economy tanked and “cheap” gas is back. It’ll be interesting to see if people maintain their new conserving ways or will they revert back to old habits where mpg was an after-thought? History shows us […]

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A New Twist to Selling the Van – A Bailout Plan

by Debt Destroyer on October 9, 2008

Another page has been added to our selling the van story.  You long time readers can skip ahead, but if you want to catch up here is the first part, and here is the second part. Now for the third installment of “Will They or Won’t They?” I was having dinner at my parents house a couple of weeks ago and my Mom asked how we were doing financially.  I gave her my pat answer that I always give her, “Just fine.” But then I made the mistake of offering a little more. “But we’ll be in much better shape […]

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How I Found A Good Auto Mechanic

by The Happy Rock on September 14, 2008

While my tires were being installed by my local Sunoco they mentioned that both front struts and the left outer tie rod needed to be replaced.  I had seen some oil in the right wheel well, so the struts weren’t too far out of the question, but tie rods are a notorious rip off part to replace.   The quote was almost $700 for just parts, so I told him just to install the tires.  He obliged, but now I had to get the new work checked out and done. I had been wanting to try a new mechanic for a […]

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Tire Lessons From A Nissan Murano And A Review

by The Happy Rock on September 9, 2008

I have learned a thing or two about tires since I had to replace the tires on our 2003 Nissan Murano last year. First, Muranos and by and large most modern cars are equipping larger tires which are more costly. I assume it is for safety and handling purposes, but it sure does hurt the wallet. Muranos have standard 18 inch tires which generally cost $200 a tire. I had some quotes in the $250 range. A year ago the best price I could find was at the Costco tire center for Michelin – Cross Terrain® SUV at $168 a […]

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Do Larger Tires Get Better Gas Mileage?

by The Happy Rock on September 9, 2008

Frugal science question of the day. Do larger tires equate to better gas mileage? Discuss.  Let’s pull out our 8th grade physics and see what we come up with.

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Sometimes You Just Don’t Feel Like Saving Money

by The Happy Rock on June 17, 2008

Blasphemy, I know…but it is true. I am not talking about some calculation that I do in me head that says doing X isn’t worth the time for the money, but about blatant laziness or avoidance. Sometimes when certain moods strike I am just unwilling to put in a little extra effort to save another dollar or two. Three incidents stand out in my mind from the last week or two : I can remember about a week ago realizing that I had not been charged the sale price on ice cream.  I was already in the car with the […]

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Buying Tires From Costco – Great Price + Good Service

by The Happy Rock on June 10, 2008

Yesterday, I replaced all four tires on my 1994 Nissan Sentra at my local Costco to the tune of $245. First I had to decide if I wanted to put that much money into a care that isn’t worth much more that $500, but that is a post in and of itself. Ultimately tires aren’t something you want to skimp and cut corners on because they are integral to your cars safety. *Update(1/09) – I have also had a bad experience with buying from Costco and was quite happy with Now, why Costco you ask? Best price around. I […]

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