A Tale of Two Athletes – Phil Coke and Antoine Walker

by Debt Destroyer on November 4, 2009

Late October is an exciting time for sports fans.  Football is in full swing, we get the World Series and the NBA season tips off as well.  A little something for everybody. With that in mind a couple of stores in today’s news caught my eye. The first is nothing new.  It is one of seemingly limitless talent being greatly rewarded with riches beyond most of our dreams. Antoine Walker was an NBA superstar.  In his 13 year playing career he made $110 Million dollars.  The Boston Globe is now reporting that he is trouble for writing $1 million in bad […]

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Need a job? Head to North Dakota

by Debt Destroyer on October 18, 2009

A while back The Happy Rock wrote a post called “40 acres and a mule: free land still available in the US.” It describes how in Kansas and North Dakota there are some programs that still give land away, much like the old homestead days. Normally you won’t hear me say too many good things about North Dakota. As a resident of South Dakota, I’m hard pressed to name anything good coming out of North Dakota besides Hwy 281(I stole that line from Tom Brokaw (former South Dakotan)). But I feel I must tread carefully.  After all I don’t want […]

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Is Capitalism Always The Answer?

by The Happy Rock on September 8, 2009

I know that probably sounds like blasphemy to a lot of folks out there, but I am starting to feel like it is the truth. As much as I like free markets, they don’t magically solve every problem.  We all probably have different definitions of what we think capitalism is, so let’s define it so we all start off on the same page.  I am not saying this is a perfect definition, but one that is probably is digestible by all of us. Capitalism – An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods that are distributed […]

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Taxes – Love’em or Hate’em, You Gotta Pay’em

by Debt Destroyer on April 15, 2009

I bet most of you have already received your tax return before I even filed mine.   This year I waited until April 14th to send mine in. Why did I wait so long? Simple.  I knew we’d be paying in, so I was in no rush.   After all if they’re going to give me until April 15th, then by golly I’ll take my time. Last night when I was putting all the paperwork away I decided to take a trip down memory lane and in doing so I realized that our annual income has been on quite a […]

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Help Wanted – Cobblers Needed During A Recession

by Debt Destroyer on March 12, 2009

Last November I made a post about how I decided to save some money by not replacing my shoes. Well as my luck would have it, I instantly broke the thingie-ma-bobber which holds the shoe laces in.  So over the holiday break I took my shoe in to the shop in town that fixes shoes.  They said they’d call me when they were done. A month went by and I’ve heard nothing. So I stopped in today just to check-up up on how things were going (I really needed my shoes). They were done! The clerk apologized for not calling, […]

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Your Money or Your Life? Choosing Between Family and Career

by Debt Destroyer on January 27, 2009

As I mentioned in my About Page, “Your Money or Your Life?” is my favorite personal finance book that I’ve read.  But this post isn’t about the book. This is about a decision that my wife made today. As you long time readers know, I’m going back to school, so we’ve been depending on my wife’s wedding photography business to bring in the bacon around here for the past 6 months or so.  And while we’ve had to tighten our belt to make it work, so far it has been just fine. Today I took a message for my wife […]

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I knew this was coming. This summer when I lost my job, my former employer gave me a severance package that included paying my family’s health insurance premiums for the rest of the year.  Our current health insurance premium for our family of four is $1192.30 paid quarterly ($664.10 every month). I knew this was coming. It was due to this looming expense that I had doubts about whether or not going back to school was the best idea for me.  Back then there was an opening for a city garbageman. I grabbed the application but instead of filling it […]

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Finding Out What Matters – A Perfect Day Review

by The Happy Rock on August 25, 2008

I recently finished a fiction novel called A Perfect Day by Richard Paul Evans. I am not sure how it got on our bookshelf, but I needed something to read one night and the dust jacket pulled me in enough to start it. I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t a masterpiece, but it kept my interest and left me satisfied. I was even more surprised that it touched upon a couple of personal finance topics that I find near to my heart and I had no personal finance agenda when I started out. The story covers a business man that […]

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Decisions, Decisions…It Is Hard To Choose A New Career

by Debt Destroyer on August 24, 2008

When I last talked about my future plans I mentioned that I contacted two local schools. A State School where I’d earn a teachers certificate. A Private School where I’d become a Rad Tech. Option #1 would take 3-4 semesters. Option #2 would take 3 years. Option #1 would cost about one third of what option #2 would cost. Option #1 would also make considerably less than option #2 upon graduation. Hmmmm. I decided to be a teacher. Almost everyone who I talked to this last month when I explained my choices has said, “you’d make a good teacher” or […]

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At a Crossroads…considering a new career

by Debt Destroyer on July 30, 2008

I have no clue to what the future holds, and it bugs the heck out of me. To catch you up in case you’re just joining us, earlier this month I started posting here on THE HAPPY ROCK detailing my journey to a debt free life. Everything was going along nicely. I was opening up about my personal finances, and you, the HAPPY ROCK community, were giving great comments/ideas to help me out. Then last week, just when I was putting the semblance of a plan together, I lost my job. It was a shock to say the least. I […]

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