What The Happy Rock Offers :

What Ads Space Is Available?

  • Banner Ad ($60 per month)
    • (468 x 60) – Text or Graphic. Appears on almost all single post pages.
  • Sidebar of the Main Page
    • Text Link in Advertisers section ($45 per month)
    • Text Link + Text in Advertisers Text section ($60 per month)
    • Small Banner ($40 per month)
  • Footer of the Main Page
    • Text Link or Badge ($30 per month)
  • Post Level Advertising (~$4 to $20 per month)

Other Information :

  • Please contact me with any questions or solicitations : thehappyrockemail.JPG
  • Other ad ideas will be considered. The Happy Rock is willing to work to meet the needs of the advertisers.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with the ad for any reason, a pro-rated refund can be requested.
  • General contract terms are for one month. Multi month discounts and shorter periods are possible.
  • There are no guarantees for traffic, page views, or related statistics.
  • All advertisements must be approved.  Ads will be relevant to the topics on the site so that advertisers get relevant traffic and readers get related ads.
  • The Happy Rock reserves the right to cancel and return a pro-rated amount at any time in certain situations.
  • Advertisers will be notified of site changes before they happen, and will be allowed to withdraw their ad.