April Happy Rock Roundup

by The Happy Rock on May 9, 2009

happy-rock-tree-hillHere are a few of the best article’s from a year ago on The Happy Rock that are still very relevant:

  1. The Myth Of The Bi-Monthly Mortgage
  2. Debt Is The Symptom – Fix The Problem
  3. Breakdown – Is Triple A(AAA) Worth The Money?
  4. The $400 Phil and Ted’s Stroller – Dissecting The Purchase (65 great user experience comments and counting)

A big thanks to the April Blog referrers:

  1. Smart Spening (Karen Datko) @ MSN
  2. Wisebread
  3. Pants In A Can
  4. ABCs of Investing
  5. Mighty Bargain Hunter
  6. Moolanomy
  7. FIRE Finance
  8. Ask Mr. Credit Card
  9. Frugal Babe
  10. Frugal Homemaker Plus

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