Remember Traveler’s checks? Do People Still Use Them?

by Debt Destroyer on April 25, 2009


The Debt Destroyer clan finally got out of Dodge (meaning we took a quick vacation over Easter break).   And with such a trip, there are all the last minute preparations you need to take care of before leaving.

  • Making sure the kids are all packed up.
  • Making sure the van is ready to go.
  • Bring snacks, DVDs, & music for the trip.
  • Drop off the dog.
  • Get Traveler’s checks(cheques).

I crossed the last one off because it’s the 21st Century.

While I might pretend to be a pretty cool cat, I’ll admit to being old enough to have used Traveler’s checks.  When my high school marching band went to Disneyworld (early 90s), my Mom made me get some.  It made sense, I mean I wouldn’t trust a high school kid walking around with a wad of cash either.  I of course would’ve wanted big bills, and if I had lost them I’d have been screwed.

So looking back I think she made the right move in making me get some Travelers Checks.  And I actually remember using them (I think it was in the gift shop after watching the Muppets in 3-D).

But just a few short years after that trip, while sitting in a dorm room playing Techmo Super Bowl, I would be solicited to apply for my very own credit card(by a very attractive young lady…what are the odds?).  And I would never use a travelers check again.

But should I be?

Looking at some sites it seems like they can serve as a nice emergency option when traveling abroad. But sadly my international travel experience have only been a couple of trips to Canada(Honeymoon & Pearl Jam concert), so I didn’t feel the need to worry about that.

Does anybody use these things anymore?

No really, I’m curious if people still use these or not.  If you don’t, did you ever?

Until next time,