Test Carnival Of Top Personal Finance Posts

by The Happy Rock on April 20, 2009

Today marks the official Alpha release of a new site I created called TopBlogPost.net.  TopBlogPosts.net is a unique spin on the blog carnival that is designed to:

  • Be a reader controlled filtering service for the fire-hose that can be a normal blog carnival.  Instead of great links being lost within the hundreds of posts, only the best are highlighted.
  • Make it easier for readers to connect with the best content.
  • Draw more attention to the authors that are writing the best content.
  • Make carnival content easily and instantly sharable across all blogs.
  • Provide more traffic for the best articles.
  • Monetarily reward the best content by giving a portion of the website’s revenue to the winners. This a future goal that will take a little while to work out the specifics.

pf-badgeThe carnival will accept submissions through BlogCarnival.com and the host will select only the top few posts to be included in a poll that will be shareable between blogs.  Readers will then select the best article of the week.  The winner will be given a Blog Topper award badge(see picture) to display on their article page.   The site is currently in Alpha release phase while we run a test PF carnival to work out any major kinks.  It will quickly move into Beta release and settle into a nice rhythm.

Here is the Carnival of Top Personal Finance Posts homepage for those that are interested.

Voting is now closed after a of a problem plagued voting widget. Bible Money Matters was the unofficial winner of the first test carnival with the post: Days Like This Make You Realize What Is Important: It Isn’t Your Possessions

If you have any questions or suggestions or problems, let me know.

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