I still want a Snowblower and I Know When To Buy One

by Debt Destroyer on April 7, 2009


This year March went out as a Lion in my neck of the woods.

This meant, yet another blizzard.  So as I spent a couple of hours digging out my driveway and sidewalks,  my thoughts turned once again to breaking down and buying a snowblower.

My friends & neighbors were also asking me when I was going to get one.  They couldn’t believe that I lived on a corner lot and didn’t have a snowblower.  But then after a few minutes of conversation (yes, around here, conversations about snow removal can take that long) it seems most people delay the purchase until a really nasty winter sets in.

This year qualifies.

As luck would have it we here at The Happy Rock received an email from Chris who happens to run snowblowers.net.  And according to an article he forwarded (when is the best time to buy a snowblower) the summer is an overlooked time for people to shop for snowblowers.

I have to say that buying a snowblower is nowhere near the top of the list of things I’m thinking about during the summer.  By that time I’m much more worried about not getting eaten by mosquitoes (why do I live here?).

So this summer, in-between Deet applications, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a deal.  I’m hoping people will replace their 10 year old model (winter of 1997 was very nasty) for a new one, which means a flooded market for used snowblowers.

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