Getting A Credit Card Late Fee Removed

by The Happy Rock on November 10, 2008

chase-bank-signThat’s right, even someone who has a great 5 year track record with credit cards can occasionally make a mistake.   This past weekend I submitted an electronic bill pay request for my credit card that was due on Monday.  Normally I pay my bills well in advance, but rewards of financial simplicity have started to set in and I only have three bills to pay at the end the month which has dulled my watchfulness.  I knew that the payment should take two days to get there, but I just overlooked that for some stupid reason.

Other than carrying a balance this is exactly the type of thing rewards credit cards thrive on and exactly the type of thing that can make having a rewards card quickly not worth it.  The fee was $39, which was pretty ridiculous and it was charged instantly without any grace period.

Once I noticed the charged I quickly emailed Chase through there customer support center asking for grace.

Here is the email I sent :

I am writing to request the removal of a late fee that I was charged this month. I sent out an online bill pay before the due date, but it didn’t seem to arrive on time.

Please provide a loyal customer grace and remove the fee.


They promptly responded and removed the fee, no questions asked.  Chase said I was a valued customer and removed it as a one time courtesy.  I wouldn’t expect them to do that too many more times, so I will make sure that I don’t make the same mistake again.

Just remember that everything is negotiable, especially with credit card companies.

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