First Chase Freedom Cash Back Check Recieved

by The Happy Rock on October 20, 2008

Back in March I dissected the best cash back credit cards to see which one would net me the most free money.  My calculations had me receiving $345 dollars of cash back each year from the Chase Freedom card.

Well in about 5 months I had the necessary 200 points accrued to request a $250 check, which included the free 50 points($50) after the first purchase.  The $250 check arrived without incident after requesting the the cash out through the Chase website.   We now average around 40 points a month, because I started routing more
purchases through my credit card since it was much more lucrative. At our current pace would be getting almost $700 dollars a year in cash back.


The money is really found money as the purchases were long since decided upon and paid for without ever paying a penny in interest.  This is pretty much the only way that a credit card should ever be used.   If you ever forget to pay you bill on time, have trouble controling your spending with credit, or don’t pay the bill in full off every month then credit rewards are just a ploy to suck more money out of you.

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