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by The Happy Rock on July 19, 2008


Here are the posts from around the personal finance community that struck a cord with me.

First, celebrate with debtfretter as they destroyed $27,000 in just 370 days.

JD @ GetRichSlowly shares about some of the patterns that kept him in debt.

Tony @HelpMyCashGrow talks about how personal finance is all about attitude. I think it is mostly about behavior, but our attitude and passions do effect our behavior.

DebtFreePlayBook reminds us that life goes much deeper than money. When you are eliminating debt, money usually becomes your sole focus, but the reason you are getting out of debt should be for purposes much deeper and more meaningful than money itself.

Finally Broke Grad Student talks about few of the physical reason why he hates cash. I have explored a similar topic with the benifits and drawbacks of spending cash, so I can apprecaite is perspective and humor.

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"Solution Drew" July 21, 2008 at 9:58 pm

Money is a very heady topic isn’t it?

Decreasing debt and increase personal wealth is a very individually specific action, but it certainly helps when you can gather ideas from many different sources as I sure one will fit .


Bill Beavers June 3, 2009 at 2:20 pm

My first visit to your blog. A new and different idea it would seem I know that once we get into your information and those you have recommended, a wealth of information will be available. I am also in the debt elimination business but always willing to learn. Thanks for your information. All the best.


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