Our Motivation For Getting Out Of Debt

by The Happy Rock on July 1, 2008

determination-arm-wrestling.jpgA few weeks back I ran a contest that required the participants to explain why they wanted to get out of debt.  The responses were wonderful and I wanted to share them with all the readers. I have categorized the reasons as best as possible and listed them in order by number of votes.  Some participants supplied multiple reason.

The Happy Rock readers top seven reason for getting out of debt.

  1. Security/Peace of Mind
  2. Freedom/Debt is Slavery
  3. Net Worth Increase/Savings/Investing
  4. Children
  5. Giving
  6. Frustration
  7. Simplicity

Two of the entrants can serve as inspiration since they are already out of debt!!! One was a fellow blogger Pete @ Bible Money Matters.

For those that are interested I have talked before about what I gained from getting out of debt.

Just keep visualizing those goals and don’t stop pushing hard until you get there!