A Rolls Royce And Million Dollar House : Having Financial Vision

by The Happy Rock on May 27, 2008

I know that title probably doesn’t encompass your financial dreams, but take a second to think about your idea of financial success? A nice car, comfortable life, paid for house, retire at 50? We all usually have either vague notions or uber-grandiose ideas about our financial future. It is rare that I talk to any who has given thought to envisioning the desired outcome of all their financial planning and debt reduction. Have you?

I am not talking about random daydreaming, but rather devoting serious mental energy to picturing and defining a vision for your financial future. Your financial vision should be something that inspires you. A vision that adds meaning to all of the hard work. A vision that energizes you when you are having weak or undisciplined financial moments. A vision that serves as a checkpoint for all your financial decisions.

fork-in-the-road.jpgStill not sure if you care? Picture two women in seperate cars setting out on a road trip from New York City. One woman is going to make decisions when ever she comes an intersection or highway sign. The other dreams of seeing The Grand Canyon. The second car has a clear vision and creates an itinerary and directions that will get her there in about four days while stopping at a few other sites she has been eager to see.

Where do you think the first car will end up? Michigan? Brooklyn? Florida? Will she see anything of the really interesting places that she has always wanted? Most likely she will only visit exotic places likes Credit Card Debt and Stress on her way to nowhere in particular.

Which car are you? Do you know were you are going?

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Tim May 27, 2008 at 3:25 pm

beginning w/ the end in mind… good call Happy. i actually think about that in most areas other than finances. thanks for the kick in the proverbial pants. 😉


aroD May 27, 2008 at 7:39 pm

Whoooaa… nice, very inspiring and fruitfull reading.. I would like to be the second woman and to have my directions in life. I don’t want to go on Credit Card Debt and Stress..

I’ll work for a better future!Thanks for inspiring me.


Tracia Graham May 27, 2008 at 11:36 pm

Having a financial vision for your future that’s inspiring is exciting because it’s the first step to really planning the life that YOU want. It all starts with YOUR vision.

Seeing this vision will also magnetize the future experience to you. You get to stand back and watch how circumstances and events will mold themselves around your vision to help you in bringing it into fruition.


The Happy Rock May 28, 2008 at 6:12 am

@Tim – It is funny that there are a lot of common sense principles that we apply to other areas of our lives, yet we totally overlook when dealing with our own finances. Thanks for the comment bro!

@aroD – Thanks for the comment. Start finding your vision and creating a plan then.

@Tracie – You’ve got it! Free up that energy for the things that you really want to invest your time into! Thanks for the comment.


Novikov January 25, 2009 at 8:30 am

Thank you for very interesting post. I will start thinking about my financial vision and creation a plan on a future.


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