Forget About Buying Stuff, People Matter

by The Happy Rock on March 20, 2008

mall-of-america.jpgThink back. What are your fondest memories in life? One of my best was a 9 day white water rafting, hiking, and outdoor adventure down the Grand Canyon with my mom. A few other that come to mind are building snow forts with my Mom and friends, a little-league no-hitter, and the craziness that was my Freshman year at college. Take a few seconds and think about yours best memories…

If you are like most people the things that came to mind had little to do with stuff and a lot to do with people and experiences. We often go through so much trouble to make money or rack up debt just to get stuff. Billions of dollars in spending are finance through credit cards and debt each year, usually just to get that nicer TV or a new car.  Are you going to care about that stuff in a few years?

The lesson is.. don’t go into debt for stuff, but go into debt for vacations. We’ll remember those!

Ok, so I am kidding, but question still remains “why do we get distracted by stuff?”.

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AJC @ 7million7years March 21, 2008 at 11:59 am

Can we buy STUFF for PEOPLE? My wife sure liked the diamond bracelet I bought her when I sold my last business 😉

Seriously, thanks for a great reality-check post … it’s nice to have money … but, it’s not ABOUT the money!


George March 21, 2008 at 4:19 pm

I couldn’t agree more. In recent years, my dear wife and I have taken several trips out west to tour and hike in several of the U.S. national parks and it was the best expenditure of discretionary income we’ve ever made. We enjoyed those trips far more than any of the “stuff” we’ve purchased over the past 21 years. I think this is why so many retired people take up the RV lifestyle. By the time you reach a certain age you realize that travel is far more personally fulfilling than buying more “things” – most of which you really do not need.


Rick March 23, 2008 at 1:31 pm

Good question!

I like stuff I can not lie.

Vacations are great don’t get me wrong but if everyone were on vacation we would still be using Walkman’s or VHS. My point is this we like stuff because God made these things why not enjoy them. Yes, most memories are of people but are they all positive?


Pete April 15, 2008 at 11:14 am

I like your choice of pictures for the post – the mall of america – the monument to commercialism and needless spending! I work a block or two away from there..

I agree wholeheartedly about experiences being more important – we’re saving up right now to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean. We can’t wait!


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