Community In Action: Book Winner and Link Catchup

by The Happy Rock on November 3, 2007

First order of business is to congratulate TheCpa, a regular Happy Rock reader, who won the contest for my copy of The Quiet Millionaire.

Next is to catch up on some of my favorite links from the last few weeks :

  1. Pinyo @ Moolanomy offers a wonderful story about balancing our work/money and our lives.
  2. Seth Godin, my favorite marketing writer, presents a marketing perspective on choosing a college that is very relevant to our personal finance. I went to an 8k a year state school, and got a great education in Computer Science.
  3. Trent @ The Simple Dollar offers some great advice on seeking our dreams.
  4. The Dough Roller @ The Tao of Making Money shares his insight as he looks back at his painful childhood money lessons.
  5. mandy @ Frugal Dollar reailzed that people who have all the right stuff may not be making it! A great lesson.
  6. J @ Home Finance Freedom posts some nice analysis of why tax deductions for a mortgage is not all it is cracked up to be. I not sure I totally followed his math, but I never understood justifying a mortgage by paying money to a bank just to get a write off that could be received by donating the money to a worthy cause.

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J at Home Finance Freedom November 4, 2007 at 9:00 pm

Hello. Thank you for the mention and I am happy to fix a part of the article if anyone wants to suggest a point for clarification.


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