Don’t Forget Your Health Club Membership Reimbursements

by The Happy Rock on September 13, 2007

Just recently I received an extra $250 in my paycheck, because my application for my health club reimbursement finally came through. I am still waiting on one for my wife, but I will continue to pursue that. This excellent little benefit that many employers are offering will save us $500 this year.

workout-outside-gym.jpgMany more employers and medical insurance policies are offering preventative medicine programs that help you and them save money. If you pay dues at a gym or health club, you may be eligible. My company offers a straight $250 reimbursement on gym fees in a given 12 month period. To receive the payout I had to submit an application with an official receipt or acknowledgment on my gym’s letterhead showing that I had paid $250 dollars in dues.

My company’s offering is quite a liberal program, as most require some amount of proof that you are actually benefiting from the gym membership. These requirements can vary, but usually consist of the health club proving that you went twice a week or some a set number of times a year, like 150.

I have seen actual refund amounts range from $150 – $350 dollars. For anyone that has a monthly gym payment, this can be quite a nice savings, and in some cases covering the whole membership.

If you have never heard of such a company benefit, don’t know if your employer offers it, or have never taken the time to file a the form, start by contacting the person or group responsible for benefits. Sometimes it is a straight company benefit, but often it is offered through your medical insurance.

It is definitely worth a few minutes to see if you can save any money from a health club/gym membership reimbursement.

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SavingWithMe September 14, 2007 at 9:54 am

I had heard about the gym membership being reimbursed by health insurance but had never looked into it. I fired off an email to my HR to see if our insurance or company has a provision for it. Good tip!


Joe Broni September 16, 2007 at 11:25 pm

This is something I really need to look in to. If my company will reimburse me for my gym membership, that’s great!


Carol October 16, 2008 at 7:13 am

oh wow I had absolutely no idea this was a possibility. Thanks I will have to go and find out if I can from my boss this week. This would save me and my family so much money..thankyou.


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