Cheaper Than Cheap Tip Of The Week #3 : Separate Your Two Ply Toilet Paper

by The Happy Rock on September 4, 2007

“Cheaper Than Cheap” is a recurring tip series about frugality. The idea is to provide helpful frugality tips that border on fanatical to the point of being humorous. Love them or hate them, let’s hear what you think. Tip #2 was on saving gas by Hypermiling.

Cheaper Than Cheap Tip Of The Week #3 : Separate Your Two Ply Toilet Paper

Let’s visit the age old joke about the frugal grandmother who separates the 2 ply toilet paper to save money. The trick is to have empty toilet paper rolls to split the 2 ply onto. The process should go significantly faster by putting the 2 ply roll onto the toilet paper holder and winding each ply onto the empty toilet-paper-tp-roll.jpgcardboard rolls, which have a stick or pencil through it to make it easy to roll. With the technicalities out of the way, let’s look at how it saves you money.

Here is the savings breakdown :

12 rolls of 352 count 1 ply Charmin Regular @ $8.99*
12 rolls of 200 count 2 ply Ultra Soft Charmin @ $8.99*

21.3 cents per 100 sheets – Charmin Regular
18.7 cents per 100 sheets – Charmin 2-ply (Ultra Soft Sheets)

If an average household uses 100 sheets a day that would be a savings of about $10 dollars a year, plus the added bonus of getting Ultra Soft vs. regular. So no more laughing at your frugal grandmother for splitting the TP, taking the time to split 2 ply toilet paper does save money. Do you know anyone who does this, and is it separating the two ply TP worth your time?

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