Budgeted Time Flows Towards Your Strengths

by The Happy Rock on May 2, 2007

Let’s dissect the first law of unmanaged time : Unmanaged Time Flows Toward Your Weaknesses

This idea makes intuitive sense, or at least it did to me. We spend more time doing things that we are not good at. With tasks that align with our strengths, we know that we can put in much less energy, but still produce quality output. Many times we are much more passionate about activities that align with our strengths. The desired results happen much faster, and then we are left with the less attractive tasks. It will take much more effort to produce an adequate result in our areas of weakness. Included in this is the idea that difficult tasks force us to face our foibles and zap our motivation.

For me, the beauty of this law came when I thought about the application for the inverse rule: Budgeted Time Flows Towards Your Strengths

The idea here is that when we put ourselves in a place to make active decisions about how we will spend our time, we usually choose activities that we excel at an those that bring us joy. I decided that I wanted to create habits in my life that empowered me to spend the majority of my time on the activities that were aligned with my strengths. Maybe we could hire a cleaning person or a grass cutter to free up an extra few hours a week. We could get rid of debt to save time stressing and managing payments. Even if we don’t have the money to outsource unproductive tasks, hopefully we can be creative about how to free ourselves from their bondage. Some tasks we just can not escape no matter what we do, but with this rule in mind it helps us to not drag them out. Power through those boring tasks using the motivation that you will free yourself to partake in the things you love.



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