How to move a rock! Part 5

by The Happy Rock on April 30, 2007

Finally, we come to the last book that has made a deep mark on the life of the The Happy Rock. Well, at least for now…..I am sure that this list will grow over time. I already have a possibility or two on the horizon, but it takes months and years to truly figure out the impact a book may have on your life.


Order You Private World by Gordon MacDonald

Now that I had my dream, I started evaluating my behaviors and thoughts in light of this revelation. I honestly didn’t have the skills or track record to convince myself that I could get anywhere near the huge dream that I felt called to pursue. I had to do some proverbial soul searching, and it was at that time I started reading Ordering Your Private World. The premise of the book is that our beliefs shape our thoughts and then our thoughts shape our behavior. If someone’s private\outer world is in order, it will be because they believe that their personal\inner world governs their outward actions. For a Christian this is not about being more driven or working harder, but rather being someone who stops to listen to the intricate, subtle, and mysterious calling of their personal faith. Be one who is called not driven. This idea blew open the doors of my personal life. I began to question and seek answers for the habits and beliefs that didn’t align with my dreams and faith. Why wasn’t I very productive? Why did I lose energy and quit before goals were accomplished? Why do I procrastinate on the most important tasks in my life?

Amazingly, asI began to explore some of my inner depths through prayer, reading, and mentoring, my actions began to change. The journey continues and will always continue. The drastic change is that my focus is not on my actions, but rather on the core of my being.

-THR(The Happy Rock)

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