How to move a rock! Part 4

by The Happy Rock on April 29, 2007


The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Another motivational book, although this one was about finding and seeking your dreams in life. This book is quite obviously Christian. I read The Dream Giver for the first time as my wife and I were wrapping up our multi-year get out of debt plan. The first half of the book is an allegory about the main character finding a dream, escaping his comfort zone, fighting obstacles on the way to realizing his purpose in life. The second half is a breakdown of this allegory.

Simple format, very short, yet amazingly motivational. I have read the book at least a half dozen times in a year or two. The beauty of the book is not in the practical advice on achieving your dreams(there really isn’t much there), but in its empowering of the reader to find and start pursuing their dreams. For me, I earnestly began thinking and praying about what I wanted to do with my life. Ultimately, I want to be a millionaire, but for strictly philanthropic reasons(or at least that is what I have told myself!). I will definitely cover that in multiple future posts. I am a long way from my goals, but each day I venture to complete a few tasks that continue the journey. The real joy is that the journey has started!

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