How to move a rock! Part 3

by The Happy Rock on April 28, 2007


Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family

Out of my growing desire for personal freedom, I had already started the journey towards being debt free. I stumbled upon a copy of this book in the local library and thought it aligned with my current focus.

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance talk show host with Christian flavor. More motivational speaker than finance expert, although I found that helpful at the time. My wife and I had 70,000$ in debt, so his energy was refreshing. We had a big hole to dig out of, but as degreed DINKS we had a pretty large shovel. Dave keeps things simple, and his get out of debt plan is based on easy to comprehend ‘baby steps’ geared towards changing the behaviors that got you into debt. Dave will deserve some more coverage in a later post.

With each creditor that we crossed off our list, I could feel my ability to envision and accomplish my goals grow. It was a great feeling. After about three years, the debt was gone! Although was by no means the end of the journey, I did get a taste of FREEDOM!!!

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Joe November 14, 2008 at 10:59 pm

Dave Ramsey’s books changed my life as well, I recommend everyone check them out…Debt snowball!


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