The 100 pushup challenge is a great way to bring frugality, competition, and accountability to my health and fitness!

Original 100 push up challenge post that started it all.

Date Workout Sets – () = required
Total Comment
6-16-08 Test 17 17 Initial Test
6-17-08 Week 1
Day 1
10,10,8,6,7 41 Barely met the minimum
6-23-08 Week 1
Day 1
10,10,8,6,10 44 Restarted the whole challenge because the soreness from the first workout lasted almost a week
6-25-08 Week 1
Day 2
12,12,7,10,12 53 Failed on the third set, because I didn’t give myself enough rest
6-27-08 Week 1
Day 3
15,13,10,10, 15 63 Still barely getting by, but I am making it
6-30-08 Week 2
Day 1
12,12,10,7,14 55 Sets are much harder with a 2 year old asking questions and making you laugh
7-1-08 Week 2
Day 2
16,13,13,11,15 68 Very nice workout!
7-9-08 Week 2 Day 3 15,15,12,12,16 70 Back on track after missing a few days because of the holidays and soreness from playing Wii.  Pretty easy week with the rest.
7-12-08 Week 2 Test 22 22 +5 on initial test.  A little disappointing, but I think I had my hands a little too close to my body.  I was expecting around 25.  Either way, column 2 of week 3 looks to be the right place for me.
7-15-08 Week 3
Day 1
20,15,15,8(13),15(20) 73 Collision with the failure train!  I fell ten push up short for the day as the lactic acid build up in my arms crippled me in the last two sets. Looks like week three might be one I have to repeat.   No one said the path to 100 push up is a straight line.  On a positive I did more push up that I ever have.
7-18-08 Week 3 Day 1 20,15,15,8,0 58 Failed exactly the same way
7-22-08 Week 3 Day 1 20,15,15 50 Defeated.  I knew I would fail on the fourth set just like before
7-25-08 Test 25 25 Felt great.  Just proving to myself that the program is working and that it is worth.  Nice small win.
7-30-08 Week 3
Day 1
20,15,15,13,20 83 Finally completed week 3 day after enough failed attempts, hopefully this will get me back in the rythm
8-5-08 Week 3
Day 2
22,17,17,15,22 93 My schedule is still sporadic, but I know that I am much stronger at night time.  I took long rests, because I was blogging in between sets.  Still a very nice workout, I felt strong.